Frustration Chronicles

Although I've made a little progress on my goals list, there's things that are not getting done. Why? Because a) I have a hard time saying no to people over little things b) enough little things in your life and you end up getting none of the big things done. If I didn't have that stupid job that requires me to show up 8 hours a day, life would be so much easier. I'd have time to:

  • Finish going through the cookbooks that are sitting on my desk
  • Clean my desk (again)
  • Create that new shopping list that was so important two weeks ago
  • Put my laundry away (It's dark when I leave and dark when I get home and the builder didn't see a need to put an overhead light in the master bedroom)
  • Start my cooking blog
  • Clean my office
  • Wash my car (It still has Canadian dirt on it)
  • Sweep the multitude of floors downstairs
  • Plan my bosses retirement party
  • Go buy my daughter a cell phone
  • Start exercising
  • Spend my old navy gift card

I start getting frustrated when my goals this week are pretty much the same as my goals last week and next week is looking like same-old, same-old.

I'm already worked up and I'm not even dressed yet... Sigh...

Tonight is a free night (work is optional) so what did I do? Plan a dinner that takes 3 hours to make. I started it this morning (hint). The good news is, I've got pictures started so it will make a good blog entry!