Winner! Winner! Winner!

Oh my gosh... Watching my kids laugh and argue (nicely) over entries last night was a hoot. I had a couple of favorites as well, but every time I reminded the kids, I got "You're not allowed to vote, Mom"! So, I had to sit back and let democracy run it's course! Good lesson for me- I'm not in charge of everything!

So [fanfare, drums, trumpets, etc,,,] the winner of the first Asthmagirl contest is Katie at Overflowing Brain! Her entry "Target locked! Activate laser beams! Fire on three: 1, 2...." made us all laugh! My daughter kept saying something about Fem Bots... who knows! Anyway... Katie, email me at diane at asthmagirl dot com and your lovely Starbucks card will make the journey to whereever it is that you are!

In the honorable mention catagory, the girls wanted...

  • brneyedgal, your entry made me snort pizza through my nose, repeatedly! Village of the Damned! He He He! That was a good one!
  • Hallie, I thought you were going to take it with entry number one but the competition was awfully stiff!
  • Pam, aside from the excellent portrait you created, your colored contact entry was a big hit with judge number one!
  • Alice, yours made us look at the dogs very carefully!
  • Jessicab, yours was so true to life, we just had to laugh!
  • Tracy D and Stace- very accurate... and funny!
  • Jan, I thought you'd take it when you posted that audio clip! So close!
  • Foolery, so simple but oh my gosh, funny! I think the daughters flinched at "pop quiz"!
  • Suzanne, so close! The older kid loved it but the youngest is scared of that movie. But it was a hoot of an entry!!
  • Vanessa and Park Wife! You had me singing! Then I had to explain "abhored"! Sigh...

To everyone else that entered- Thank you so much. Your clever entries made it all that much harder to pick just one!

Congratulations to the winner! It was very entertaining, reading the entries and watching my girls work through them! Special thanks to those that directed traffic this way! It was so much fun to see all the creativity! No doubt I will do another contest. The next one is ready, just have to comtemplate the prize!