It's Contest Time!

I really wrestled with this contest because I wanted to do something unique but I didn't want folks to decide not to participate because it was funky or I was out there. I am occasionally 'out there'!


Because it's the first contest, I decided to go a more traditional route this time. If it goes well, I have a dandy idea up my sleeve for a second one!

So there's this picture I took of the puppies that I've always loved. Their eyes are glowing and their sitting next to each other so nicely without the usual "she's touching me" crap that they do at times. I would love to have a caption to go with it. So here's the rules...

  1. You can name the photo or caption it. Be as long or as short as you want. You can tell me what they're thinking... whatever...This is free form!
  2. This contest runs until 10:00PM Pacific time, Tuesday the 15th of January
  3. You may enter as often as you like! You may tell other people!
  4. The winner will be picked by me and one of the daughters if I can rope them into it. If not, then just me!
  5. The winner will recieve this:


No! Not the puppy! Just this!


Create the best caption and this baby will be winging it's way to your neck of the woods via your local snail mail carrier!

And now, here's the photo! Bring it on!!!