The Olde Goat and Blogge

Sounds like a Pub, doesn't it?

Although you have seen him flit in and out of the old blog, you may not be aware of what a dandy guy TOG is. While we do not see each other daily due to our work schedules, we do set aside specific time that is dedicated to bonding. Friday night is our date night. We always go to the pub for a pint (cider for me, ale for him) and some dinner and fill each other in on the week. This helps us to plan our weekend, figure out larger stuff that we need to plan ahead for and just laugh at each other's work week. We also talk about challenges we're facing and in this scenario, TOG gives great feedback. I know that he'll either support me, challenge me, or validate me. He's never indifferent or uncaring.

We had a conversation last year, when I was wrestling with the development of a new site for one of my clients... I'd begun using a new editing tool. TOG suggested that I'd get better at the tool if I used it to build and edit my own website and that would speed the learning curve up. Impulsive me, I went and bought a domain name without knowing what I would build or where I would host it. So I stopped to think about it for 6 months, because that's what I do. TOG prompted me right before Thanksgiving about what I was going to do with the domain. I'd been exploring templates and playing with design features. I had just built a throw-away site for a friend using a template I purchased on line and kind of liked the process. Because of his reminder, I stopped designing and started to think about what I really wanted to accomplish with the website. It turns out what I really wanted was interaction. Whether I posted a photo or told a story, I wanted folks to have a mechanism to responding to me. I realized that I wanted a blog. Weird.

I'm really satisfied with the blog to this point. I do get a lot of traffic (for me). I wish I got more interaction but I believe I can help that along. Thus, I am officially announcing that I'll be hosting a contest next week. I didn't think I would, but it sounds like fun, and I've enjoyed the contests of others these past months. I bought the prize yesterday, I just need to finish the contest itself. So stay tuned for an announcement on Monday!

In closing, the Seahawks are meeting Green Bay today in one of the NFC Championship games. No cocky predictions here. I just hope they win. I know they're capable of it. There will be much celebrating on this blog if they do their thing!

To give TOG his due for being such a great spousal unit, I thought I would dedicate the pictures below to something he likes.... I told you about one of TOG's and my favorite pubs in Canada. I got some shots of it while we were up there and again, just not gotten around to posting. This is Irish Times Pub, home of the perfect pint! This is TOG's perfect pint!


In the left side of the picture we see a little spigot. They turn the glass upside down and shoot cold water into the glass to chill it before they pour your beverage.

The bar has a huge number of taps; I've never counted them all. They carry beers and ales from Canada, Ireland and England.


One of the things I like the most is that Irish Times is in a historic building. This used to be the Bank of Toronto in the late 1800's. The woodwork and plaster work is amazing. Check out the ceiling!


There's a staircase in the rear of the picture. More seating upstairs where you can look down to the stage. We got to hear Irish folk music while we were there, very cool. Enjoy