Most of the time, I try to keep Ye Olde Blogge pretty light hearted. I think overall, life is supposed to be light hearted because if it were always intense and serious, who would want to do it? And... although you do not yet know this about me, I can be very reserved. I'm not the girl that marches into the room [wheezing] and demands attention. I'm far more likely to observe, figure out what I want to happen and find a way to create that scenario. Thus in blogging, I've been finding aspects of myself that I want to share instead of lobbing it all out there at one time.

Where am I going with this? I'm not entirely sure. As I've journeyed through blog-land the last few days, I've seen quite a bit written about that's definitive... people defining ideas and concepts for themselves and others. It made me feel as though I've been rather undefined. When I flit from blog to blog I find that I am, like others, looking for that which I can identify with, be it humor or values or mad Photoshop skillz. While I don't believe in defining things for other people, I'm starting to realize that I haven't left many clues about me. To make it easier for y'all, I thought I'd post some definitions...

Humor- Used to alleviate tension and avoid internal conflict.

Goals and lists- Used to alleviate tension and avoid internal conflict. 

Extravagance- Noun. Willful over indulgence. Example- I used unbridled extravagance last night when I spent $95 on mail order shampoo from Italy. [editors note: she got a pump for the shampoo bottle included in that price]

Flawed- no sense of direction, unable to determine left from right, long on stubborn, short on willpower, overly competitive, Occasionally willing to overlook a mess

Patient- willing to let other's make fools of themselves if they insist

Compassion- harbors no ill will towards foolish people; finds them charming (mostly)

Insomnia- No thanks, I'm good.

Commitment Phobia- You want me to what? No... I don't commit to very much at all because I might not follow through.

Relentless- My attitude towards things which I do commit to

Evasive- lack of commitment in motion

Relentless 2- my quest to find the perfect black shoes

Inept- See Photoshop

Photoshop- See overwhelmed

Ridiculous- the amount of beauty/skincare/haircare products it takes to get me though a weekend getaway

Tolerant- my attitude toward letting TOG harp on the ridiculous

Enormous- the amount of time I'm willing to commit to cookie baking

Holidays- see Enormous

Fanatic- my opinion on brining a turkey

Overwhelmed- lack of time meets complex task

Naive- The belief that three dogs are no more trouble than two

Comeuppance- The result of Naivety

Optimism- the unproven theory that things usually work out in the end

Sluggish- pre coffee mode

Ticklish- Clearly, except when I'm getting a pedicure

Over Performance- any meal for any guest for any occasion

Protective- attitude toward little dogs, kittens, children and adults with disabilities

Denial- Asthma? Affect my life? Whatever!

Terror- my attitude toward dentistry

Conscious Sedation- the solution to terror

Genuine- If I said it, I meant it

Tact- Things I won't say unless you ask me point blank

Ram, Gig, peripherals, TCP/IP, Networks, Wireless N, SATA, Dual-core, RAM, AMD - Things that make my techie heart beat faster

Incurable- my respect for my beloved

Endurance- 27 years of making dinner

Dynamic- a relationship that ebbs and flows

Inconceivable- the amount of crap on my desk a week after I cleaned it off

Fluttering lungs- most popular google search that brings folks to this page

Pathetic- the amount of medication it take to keep my lungs in the game

Tantalization- the act of shopping on line

Spandex- does not cover the multitude of sins you hope it will while bike riding

Waders- do cover the multitude of sins you hope it will while fishing

Comedy- me getting my waders on

Tragedy- I actually look good in waders

Unbelievable- I said no to new hiking boots for Christmas. They were half off. I can't explain it.

Hopefully, those will help you to see me for the deeply flawed person that I am! How do you define yourself? Do you have a list? What would it include?