What to do with Chihuahuas- Part one

[Editors note: the tree is going up. We'll post photos when we can. Tight schedule this weekend. In the meantime, how bout some Chihuahua lovin'?]

When people find out that you have Chihuahuas their reaction is actually somewhat predictable. Common questions and comments include:

  • Do you dress them up?
  • Oooh! A little purse dog!
  • Hey, you're just like Paris Hilton!
  • Oh, [sad tone] you can't do anything with them though...

All of these are misconceptions in the broad sense. I do dress them for holidays. We don't do the foo foo sweaters and what not. Maddie does have a coat for winter outings but Dude, she has so little hair. You'd put a coat on if it was cold out. The purse thing is just weird. I've seen folks do it, and I don't get it. My dogs may be small, but they are dogs, not ornaments. And that Paris Hilton thing is insulting. My dogs are not disposable and I have never spent a single night in jail. Can't do anything with them? Well....

TOG (the old goat) and I hike a lot. Maddie loves it and so has gone on all our hikes with us. We only carried her once, but the hike was a 4 out of 5 in difficulty and it was kicking our butt too [editors note: it was kicking my asthmatic butt. TOG was still fresh as a daisy. he must be a mountain goat.]. Cassie likes hiking, but she has Ferdinand the Bull-headed Syndrome. From the children's book, Ferdinand the Bull, who would rather smell flowers than fight the matador. Cassie must smell every leaf, every rock, every stick, every bug.... and then gaze into the distance formulating suitable poetry. It takes a long time to hike with Cassie. She also needs to be carried at times, at least she did this year since she was so young.

It's really fun to see the reactions of fellow hikers in seeing Chihuahuas on the trail at about 5000 feet. People think nothing of taking every other kind of dog out there, but not toy dogs. They love the woods like any other dog would. We have begun calling Maddie our little Alpine Chihuahua.

Hiking is just one thing you can do with a Chihuahua.


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