When you're not number one

As some of you may know, I got Cassie last year when I realized that Maddie was going to have issues when my daughter moved out and took her little dog. I felt like the sooner we installed a companion the easier it will be for Madeline. I think the rationalization is along the lines of getting a goat to be a companion to a high strung race horse. In hind sight, I'm not sure any dog wants to be adopted as a goat. "Look, just keep the other dog calm, that's your job. Want a biscuit?".

In terms of being a companion to Maddie, Cassie was a dismal failure as soon as I brought her home. Descended from Champions and raised in comfort, Cassie was the anti-Maddie; confident, assertive, arrogant, fearless and adorable. She was thrilled when she found out Maddie was terrified of her because then she would chase her and bite her in the behind. Here's this tiny 1.5 pound puppy terrorizing a full grown Chihuahua. It was a disaster of epic proportions. I began to have doubts that either of them would come around.

Finally, one day it happened; Maddie turned around and chased Cassie back. It was a turning point and one that really set them up to appreciate each other. They're still not great friends but it's coming along. They do sleep together now and they enjoy a good tug of war with the sock.

They are still very different from each other. Maddie is timid, easy going [unless she's playing sock]and anxious. Cassie is a fearless, focused little warrior. It's like someone dropped a German Shepherd in a Chihuahua body. She can be very affectionate as well but she's confident and has no problem running the stray cats out of our backyard even though they're twice as big as her.

Enclosed are some new shots of the girls, probably the best pics I've ever taken of Cassie. She may not be number one, but she's nobody's doormat. Cassie, my litte four pound dynomo!