Concert Review


Pictured Left: Two of the tickets from the concert, and some of the confetti they dumped on us at the end of the show.

[Disclaimer: If you don't like Van Halen or you're not into Rock and Roll, this may not be the post for you.]

The Music: It's tough to beat Van Halen. And this was a huge trip down memory lane with David Lee Roth. There were times however that the music didn't work. "Hot for Teacher" was done at double speed [it seemed] and was barely recognizable.

Eddie: Eddie is a God. He's the Man. What a survivor.

David Lee Roth (L) and Eddie Van Halen perform on the first stop of the Van Halen tour in Charlotte, North Carolina in this September 27, 2007 file photo. The tour comes after a decade in which Van Halen has been more of a presence on the gossip pages than the pop charts, due to on-again, off-again reunion rumors with Roth and squabbles with Sammy Hagar, the singer who replaced Roth in 1985, as well as Eddie's struggles with cancer and alcoholism. From Reuters Pictures by REUTERS.

Alex: Lays down a wicked beat. He's no Neal Peart

David Lee: He's kind of like a manic ringmaster with perversion issues and a wardrobe assistant. There were times that he was spot on and other times that he sang every 4th word. And one time that he admitted he forgot the words. He and Eddie worked well together, but I felt that David was far more a performer than a vocalist. Sammy was great at both.

Wolfgang: He is his father's son. I saw him do things on a bass that I had not seen before. The kid is awesome!

Final score: B+

Notes: We took our seventeen year old daughter. I never have before, because one issue with her disability is her inability to handle noise. If can also be really hard for her to process crowds and I could tell she was nervous last night before the conceret started.  We brought her some great earplugs and just coached her on what to expect and that she could tag me if she needed to get out. She's really interested in rock and totally believes that she is a rocker chick and this was a band she hoped she might like.

The good news was she seemed to have a great time. We started to lose her toward the end of the concert because she was just so tired and overwhelmed. She said she wasn't sure if she liked it but she was glad she went. This morning she was sure she liked it, but doesn't want to do it again. I gave her the ticket and confetti for her to show at school so kids will believe her. I'm glad she gave it a try.

Personal note: I think it's very romantic that Eddie still wears his wedding ring 2 years after his divorce. And he was adorable with Wolfgang on stage. Not sappy, but you could see how excited he was to have his child with him.

Final Note: The Golden Ninny award goes to the gentleman behind me on the way out. His friend asked him how he liked the show. He responded with the following comment: "The band was okay, but who was playing the keyboards? They never showed that."

Those in the know will understand that there is no keyboard in Van Halen. Sigh.