Good morning!

Around our second day here is when I usually start to relax.

This morning we're off on a great walk before breakfast. Beacon Hill park is huge and has a to-die-for view of Washington State. You can read about the park here.

Today we'll be staying in town and likely having lunch here. This is one of our favorite pubs ever. Completely different than the pub we were at last night. They have many European brews here and the food is beyond great. Their soup and soda bread lunch is one of our favorites. Aboslutely click on the food link and check out the sea salt ribs. Yum! They also do live Celtic music 7 nights a week. When you walk past at night, it's just hoppin! Great, Great Pub!

After lunch, it's down to the inner harbor for a walk and then back to the hotel for this.... Yes, one of the few spas I can go into due to lack of scent. And the therapists are amazing. This is a wonderful treat before an anniversary dinner.

This evening, we will likely go out to this place. It's not much to see, but you know... to while away a few hours! This is actually one of the coolest things. Throughout the 50 acre gardens, they do a lit display of the 12 days of Christmas. It's challenging to capture on camera, and I'm hoping the new one will showcase it well. We stayed at a bed and breakfast a few years ago owned by a German couple. The husband was all very disapproving about the huge displays and how they 'hung a light off of every flaming surface' at the gardens, but each year they went and took their visiting relatives!

Here is where I wish The Old Goat a happy anniversary!


I fixed the above shot using the itty bitty actions I purchased.Thank goodness someone out there knows what they are doing! It isn't me!

More tomorrow!