And we're off

This will post Saturday morning. We may have left last night and crossed the border for our first overnight or.... I'm madly scrambling to get everything packed (meds, inhalers, more meds) while TOG very subtly complains about how heavy the toiletry bag is!

Join us on the first leg of our trip!! Travel time between our home and the hotel should be about 7 hours including the ferry ride. [bring a pillow and a book!]

Here's where we're staying tonight.

It's a great hotel that has reasonable low season rates. I'm not sure we could stay here during high season. The best thing about the hotel isn't the swank (although it is nice) it's the location. It's walking distance to pretty much everything.

We're probably eating here tonight.

It's one of our favorite pubs and has some of the best food. They call themselves a Gastro Brewpub which to me means they've taken traditional pub food and given it a West Coast flair. This pub is also reknown for their organic practices in food production. Additionally they use their spent grain from ale production in their daily baking. According to TOG they also have the best craft ales (meaning you drink them for taste and they're all unique) in town. TOG prefers a hoppy IPA type ale. I don't drink much beer but prefer a malty porter or stout if I'm having one. Mostly in Canada I stick with ciders. Great flavor and nothing like domestic cider.

This pub also has guest houses. We've stayed in the heritage house and the garden suites and both are lovely. This pub is not within walking distance of the rest of town which is why we don't stay there more.

Stay tuned tomorrow. We'll have some great scenery to look at and a surprise tomorrow night.