Peace and Goodwill

I have wrested control of the blog back from the lungs for the time being. No guarantees about remaining in control however!

Yesterday was lovely and I was fortunate enough to have the girls here most of the time with their respective spouses/boyfriends. TOG had to leave for work around one but he did so with his new IPOD ear buds firmly implanted in his hearing canals! He murmured something about having 34 days of music loaded on it without having to repeat a song. I know he'll have fun picking out accessories for it now!

One of my seasonal joys is seeing people's faces when they open their gifts and telling them how much I enjoyed finding it for them. From that aspect it was a fabulous holiday. I took lots of pictures and I felt the joy of giving my family what was hopefully a lovely holiday. It is a testament to how overwhelmed I am from the drugs and lack of sleep (prednisone causes insomnia) that I have not even looked at anything I shot yesterday morning.

In closing, I really want to thank the old goat for buying me something I didn't need. Although I spend most of December asking him to quit buying me things, (he spends too much) it's really touching that your best friend knows you so well that they can pick the perfect thing... In this case it was a wide screen LCD monitor so I could do better picture editing! There was nothing wrong with my other monitor, but this one is so nice. Thanks beloved! My old LCD monitor is going upstairs to upgrade my daughter's system.

Here's hoping that your holiday of choice was a wonderful celebration for you and yours. I'm looking forward to hearing about your great times yesterday. If you've stopped by to read, please do leave a comment so I know you were here.

We now return control to the lungs....


Bwa Ha Ha!!!!