Take your best guess!

Hello and welcome to Take Your Best Guess! That excellent holiday game that provides hours of entertainment, thrills and good old fashioned merriment! Fun for the whole family!!!!

And unlike Christmas cookies, will not clog your arteries or add 5 pounds. In fact 4 out of 5 dentists actually recommend Take Your Best Guess to prevent cavities and whiten and brighten your smile. [editor's note: we're actually checking with asthmagirl's dentist on this one. It sounds too good to be true...]

So, pull up a computer chair and Take Your Best Guess!

Now, to preface, last night we did the reshoot of our holiday portrait. I am currently photoshopping the good ones. One however, stood out as the most ridiculous, hysterical portrait I've ever taken. I had to check with the people in the picture to see what happened. The trick here will be for ya'll to guess what caused this:


I know it's not much to go on, but hopefully it will keep ya'll entertained while I take my wheezy lungs to the football game. I'll check the answers when I get home.

Now, this being the first guessing contest that I've had, no prizes. I know, but you'll get mad props and bragging rights and you'll have living proof that you have "special powers". Maybe you can work your way up to telling me what is in the box TOG has hidden in his office????

So, see you all around 6pm Pacfic.

BTW, from the left, Oldest K1, Middle K2, TOG, Youngest K3. And no one in the picture is eligible to guess. Got that K1?