Apparently, my list of availability I posted yesterday has paid off. Last night TOG took me on a lovely drive to the brewpub where I enjoyed a pint of cider and a chicken pie (yum!). If you have not made your own list of availability and posted it in a conspicuous area, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Get right on that! I personally am tempted to add to mine, but feel that I really nailed the important items and anything else would be unfair to expect.

Even though I have stated my availability, I find my schedule surprisingly open today right up until time for the photo shoot (group retakes) this evening. Lets see... will I soak in a tub, play with my camera or maybe clean my house (which desperately needs attention). An overwhelming sense of guilt prompts me to clean my office and desk so that I can set up my new external hard drive. This was purely a practical purchase in order to store the enormous photos this camera takes and my techie-geek heart didn't beat any faster at all at the thought of adding another 250 gigs of memory to my system. Nor did it thrill to the upgrade of Photoshop that I need to install or the new photoshop book I have hidden in my office! These are all necessary things for the shooting of the family portrait and bring me no joy whatsoever. I'll only be using them because I have to. I'm disciplined like that.

In closing, I would like to point out that while I've enjoyed my trip to the brewpub and plenty of puppy cuddling, I don't seem to note anything on my schedule regarding a holiday movie. I may have to have a word with TOG. I have a schedule to fill here!

So what are you available for? Inquiring minds want to know!