Warning label

Due to lack of oxygen and energy, the following cautionery statements are in effect between now and Christmas. Compliance is optional but encouraged.

  1. If you need a gift for someone, please provide more than 5 minutes notice
  2. If you require cookies for third period, the time to tell me is NOT when I am finishing baking the cookies I need
  3. If I am preparing food for my potluck, and you remember that you need food also....you get what I don't need, not your selection of goodies
  4. If you leave your cookies out and your father eats some please be prepared to take a few less
  5. If you are not able to bake on my schedule, I understand. I may not be available to bake on yours either... but I'll try
  6. If you're not sure what your plans are for Christmas dinner, I am not sure I'm preparing one... but I am still open to the idea!
  7. I am done with my shopping and have no desire to go the mall. This is why I finish early

Things I am available for:

  1. trips to the brewpub
  2. holiday movies
  3. puppy cuddling
  4. photoshoots
  5. drives to the mountains to see the snow
  6. non fat green tea lattes from Starbucks
  7. Swedish massage

[editor's note: we reserve the right to make changes to the list at anytime. However, we will not be going to the mall no matter what.]