That which is obvious...

Occasionally, a moment of clarity hits me and I become aware of things around me that are/were perfectly clear to others.... such as the length of my daughter's hair. [still recovering from that one] Following is a short list of things I've begun to realize.

  • Christmas is in 5 days
  • It's basically too late to order anything else online (crap!) despite the claims to the contrary that keep showing up in my inbox [LAST HOURS: Order by 11am PST for $6.99 Christmas Delivery] (Last Day for $9.95 Guaranteed Christmas Delivery)
  • My tree needs to be watered more often
  • It's probably to late to send out Christmas cards
  • I'm not likely to 'slim down for the holidays' like all the health club commercials on tv are suggesting
  • I still have like 500 or so cookies to bake
  • The potluck at work is tomorrow and I have nothing planned
  • I'm probably not going to become skilled at crafts in the next few minutes and put an amazing 'holiday finish' on my festive decor
  • My banner hasn't changed a bit since last week even though I made it a priority to fix it up
  • The way it's looking, it may just be my youngest daughter and I for Christmas dinner

That last one bugs me a little bit but may just be okay... I'll just fulfull my need to overfeed everyone by making a big holiday breakfast. Sourdough anyone?

I am very, very grateful that I am where I wanted to be when December started. Shopping done- check, baking almost finished- check, holiday movies to watch- check!

In closing, I know it's a little corny, but I want to express my gratitude for one of the devices that supported me through the recent asthma flare. You were there for me and I won't forget it. Sorry about the frosting on your door. I'll get you cleaned up tonight! You're the best!