And how was your weekend?

If you ever wondered how dismal a date I am, ask MOTH (man of the house). He took me to a family birthday party at a local restaurant on Friday. The in-laws were there, which was great because I had not seen them in a while. Things went downhill in quickly however as there were an abundance of candles burning throughout the room we were in. This was followed in short order by smokers. [editors note: not all smokers are poison. Some folks smoke and don't smell. Other folks smoke and have it coming out their pores, their hair and goodness knows where else. The folks at the party fall into the latter group.] It is inevitable that these smokers have to stand very close to talk to me. One smoker went to the ladies room and made it worse covered the smell up by layering perfume over the top. Some folks were just straight perfume. After about 20 minutes, the lungs were well and truly peeved. I had to leave because the rescue inhaler only keeps you upright and conscious for the debacle. It doesn't restore function if you continue to breath smoke/perfume/candles. Yes, I left my husband there where he no doubt had to explain his wife, the social pariah asthmatic again. Stupid lungs.


Today is Sunday. My favorite day because I allow myself to make/eat sourdough pancakes. Explaining the sourdough would be a whole nother post. I'm not sure I want to go there now because there are so many good things about it.... [cough....sourdough turnovers...cough]

On Sunday nights, I rationalize the cure for my weekend of gluttony (samples at Costco anyone?) is to eat something lighter. Tonight I made chicken soup. I used honey cured chicken sausage however and put everything I can find into it. Here's what it looks like.


Please note the very festive holiday placemat. I use these to distract the family from the fact that there's no tree yet.


PS~ Yes, there's tortellini in the soup. My daughter asked so nicely. I think it's chicken and garlic.

PPS~ Unlikely there will be a post tomorrow. We're taking our daughter to a concert. Reports to follow.