Blog interupted

* We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog posting because we have been *tagged* to reveal 12 random Christmas related facts about ourselves. We're not even sure we have 12 but supposing that we meet the quota, this should annihilate what little readership we do have!

1. I am a fanatic about the wrapping paper. Poor TOG (the old goat) has bought paper from 3 years ago that is still sitting in the closet. Dear man.... it must be foil. Typically red or gold foil wrap, occasionally green. He bought a huge roll of blue and silver last year. I'm just using it because I want to get rid of it.

2. I am not a fan of glass ornaments. Maybe because the tree has gone over a few too many times? I use mostly wooden, wire and fabric.

3. The vision for the tree was to go Victorian with a gold and ivory tone. I am considering throwing a dark mauve or maroon as a highlight.

4. You probably don't want to go ornament shopping with me. TOG is the only one that can handle it. "Look honey, an ornament store" and then "you didn't buy anything? Are you sure there was nothing that fit the vision"? TOG talked me into buying the giant gold harp shown in the tree post.

5. Despite my lapsed Catholicness and all, I'm very sentimental about the holidays. Thankful for my family, friends, coworkers... I LOVE getting my family together and cooking for them. I enjoy giving to the food bank, toys for tots, always giving to bell ringers. My kids know I'm a sap around the holidays. It's all about family and giving for me.

6. My oldest married someone who had never celebrated Christmas. He's on the bandwagon now. I don't know why. It's either a) he enjoys my cooking and knows he has to participate in the whole thing if he wants to eat. b) he gets how full of merry and ho-ho my daughter is and doesn't want to disappoint her. or c) he realizes how important it is to show up at 5 am to open all the socks I bought him (he loves socks, seriously)

7. I'm an excellent gift giver. If you are on my list, I will take the time to find out what makes your heart beat faster. I will spy, torture your friends for inside information, stalk you while you shop, whatever it takes. It will the best gift ever. You will be happy. You will!

8. I hate filling stockings. As the official shopper and wrapper, I'm done by the time I place the last present under the tree on Christmas Eve. Whatever happened to giving the kids a switch and a chunk of coal?

[editors note: am I done yet? I'm running out of stuff]

9. I have mad cookie skilz. I used to bake professionally for a cookie company 3 nights per week when I was staying home with my youngest daughter. My mom left me some excellent recipes and I totally rock it. I'm always looking for new cookies to add, but they have to meet some pretty stringent standards. For the past several years my goal has been to be a kinder gentler cookie baker and just enjoy it, but I really get a charge out of thrilling the family (and co workers) with cookies.

10. I like eggnog. But at 3000 calories per sip, I'll pass. I don't get the eggnog latte thing. But the gingerbread lattes at starbucks are quite good.

11. I do 80-90% of my shopping online. I have grown to hate the mall and the parking lots full of exhaust and all the scents and the smells. After being visited by the asthma gods 5 years ago, it's just amazing to my airways the amount of artificial scent that retailers throw at Christmas.

12. When the kids were younger, we used to throw them in the van and drive until we found snow so that they'd feel festive. One year, we found snow but it was a little slushy underneath. TOG had his head out the window and was yelling about how wonderful it was. Then the UPS truck passed us going 80 (it was Christmas Eve) and slush flew through the open window all the way to the back of the Van, soaking everyone. I had some dry coats upfront... we had to strip the wet kids down and bundle them up in just coats for the ride home. This is one of the funny family stories we share on Christmas eve get togethers.

I'm done! Undomestic Diva... here's a little attitude for you!