1,2,3....It's the Holiday Season!

1. I'm beginning to feel flustered that I'm not close enough to being done. This is why I start early so that I can spend the last days prior to Christmas baking cookies, wrapping presents and playing holiday music.

2. I have a truck full of presents I haven't wrapped. I can't get them into the house because there's always someone with prying eyes "lingering" at the door when I pull into the garage. I'm not even sure what I have my trunk anymore. How can I finish if I don't know what I have?

3.I just baked my first batch of Snoballs for the holidays! Nothing else signifies that the holidays have arrived so strongly as the first batch of these little bad boys. In years past (when he had a metabolism that burned calories like so much nuclear waste) TOG would stand over the container with a glass of mild and eat the warm cookies as they came out of the sugar. Nowadays, he cuddles my puppies while I bake and yells "Hey! Why don't you bring me a glass of milk and that tray of cookies". Okay, he didn't really say that, but he was thinking it. And this container was heaped when I finished last night. Somebody made a dent!

Snowballs  There are definitely some missing.

Of course, I didn't have (m)any.

In other news... we have the tree up and it is lovely. Every picture I have taken of it is dreadful however. If I can't get a decent snap with the new camera, I'll bust out the point and shoot. There's a bit of a story that goes with it as well.

In asthma news, my husband and I are season ticket holder for our local NFL team. (Yesterday I looked like the Michelin man in all my layers of garb.) Because we aren't wealthy, our seats are pretty high up. I'm in pretty good shape still this year and haven't had any difficulties getting up to the seats. It's leaving the game. So many smokers to dodge... It's supposedly a non smoking stadium according to local regulations but that's not actually true. Trying to get down the ramps and dodge smokers... ugh. I'm coughing my head off and TOG is trying to position me so that I'm away from the worst of it. Then the dash across the parking lot averting the diesel from all the buses. By the time we get back to the truck, stick a fork in me, I'm done for the time being. Unless there's snoballs to be made!

PS- our team won!