The confession chronicles

Occasionally, despite clean living, excellent oral hygiene and detailed planning, you find out things you don't want to know.

This year, in the midst of making our very tasty Thanksgiving dinner, the phone rang. Even though I had my sleeves rolled up and was frantically cooking (I was under a timeline, MOTH had to leave for work at 1pm) I happened to be the only one available to answer the phone. Must have something to do with physics or geometry or something. As I checked the caller id I could see it was long distance and actually took a few moments before answering to curse all telemarketers who can't give it a rest on a holiday even!


"Hi, this is Joe Bob at Prestige Camera. Is MOTH there?" (he actually asked for MOTH by name)

I tried to look confused and handed the phone off to MOTH who promptly went in his office and shut the door. All the while my brain was scrambling madly on how to play it off when he came back out. Just think, a guy (a great guy) goes to all the trouble to buy his wife a great gift (a really great guy) AND keep a secret and Joe Bob there ruins everything in 15 words or less... The emotions were scrambling wildly in my brain, trying to figure out whether I was angry at Joe Bob, angry that MOTH had spent what was likely too much money or thrilled that he'd picked such a perfect gift. No matter what it was, it was bound to be gadgety and my little techie heart was going pitty pat at the thought!

In the end I did play it off and hoped that my acting skills were convincing in the extreme. I had already been cautioned not to look at our credit card bill online, but when I logged on yesterday to check the balance on my business account, I could see the balance on the credit card and it was clear that he had spent far too much money. What the heck did he do, buy a small country? Half of Microsoft? A new Chihuahua?

After a little dithering, I finally decided to tell him that I thought he ought to ease up on the spending. As we sat at the brewpub last night I brought it up. First he accused me of actually looking at the credit card account and then he said "well, I better tell you now because I've been worried about it".


I have enough information at this point to guess... but don't TELL me. Where's the mystery, the anticipation, the surprise? How about toying with your beloved for at least another week... I mean crap! We're not even in December yet (last night) and here you are spilling the beans.

Yeah, so he told me. I am excited. And torn. I truly did not want to know all the details, but it is a relief not to have to pretend I didn't have a pretty good idea.

So much for my holiday budget....