End the day on a high note

I fell asleep last night without taking my medicine. It's not the end of the world, but you can feel that you're not in top formwhen you get up in the morning. I was also fighting a headache from lack of sleep. Maddie needed a potty break at 3am since she didn't go out late last night. I could have gotten the cape fluttering, but in an uncharacteristic surge of common sense, I decided to pace myself and take the day off. This means that I cleaned the kitchen this morning and wrapped all the presents in the holiday closet. Then I crawled in the recliner with the girls, and we turned on Food Network and had us a nice puppy snooze.

When I came to, I heard Paula Deen telling us how to make a Sugar Cream Pie. She ran out of whip cream, but she did have a nice custard sauce that she topped it with. All I could think was that it was a heart attack in a crust. Holy Crap.

Lets be clear that I'll never be as accomplished in the kitchen as undomestic diva, however I can putter around pretty good and put something tasty on the table. I had some pretty big goals for today if I could knock back this headache.

I started with something that I hadn't worked with before; phyllo dough. First I made a yummy chicken pie filling. Then I filled my baking dishes with the filling. Then I realized I would have to trace around each dish to cut the phyllo. It's not super hard, but it is a lot easier to do when you don't have baking dishes full of hot chicken pie filling!



Once I got all the phyllo layered, buttered and cut out, it looked something like this.


I love chicken pie. 25 minutes in the oven at about 375 degrees and it's a comfort food festival!

Cookies I wasn't done yet however. (note the bakers chocolate in the above picture...) I decided to get in the cookie rut even though it isn't December yet. Behold the double chocolate cookie with mocha frosting.

Anyone want to come over and clean my kitchen? I'm even more tired now....