What are you diggin'?

I'm the kind of girl that when I find a restaurant I like to eat at, I tend to stick to a couple different items on the menu. A creature of habit, if you will. I don't go looking for ruts to fall into, but when I am in one, I do try to find ways to appreciate it.

One of my favorite ruts to be in is the winter soup fetish. I tend to make large pots of soup at least a couple times a week at our house. Although there is a little grumbling from the MOTH [man of the house] generally soups are conusmed readily and presumed to have all sorts of curative powers from the healing of tennis elbow to hangnail reduction. Fortunately we don't dangle body parts in the soup pot, but in general anyone walking through the door with a less than fabulous day is immediately instucted to have soup and considered cured following it's application. Occasionally a second dose is required, but the restorative properties are potent enough that it can be put off until the next day. In some houses this might be called leftovers... in ours, it's called follow up care.

Tonight, it's a tomato lentil soup to which I added lowfat Italian chicken sausage sauted with herbs and garlic. My face has cleared up and my daughter noted that her headache is gone. My youngest says her hands are not as chapped. Yes, we are diggin' the soup!

The other thing that I'm diggin' is online shopping. I generally appreciate this year round, given my issues with going to the mall. But I'm especially fond of it during the holidays when I feel pressed for time. My favorite part is how boxes show up in my office while I'm in meetings. That is worth a $5 shipping fee many times over. No jockeying for a parking place, standing in long lines or throwing off my schedule. I'd rather be standing in front of the stove making soup.

What I'm planning on diggin' next week? Two things....

  • Stuffed Cabbage Soup- This requires Savoy Cabbage and my supermarket just got the first shipment in! Woo Hoo!
  • Holiday Cookies Baby! I am currently laying in supplies since we tend to bake right up to Christmas Eve. My only dilemma is where to start. Traditionally my first salvo is the chocolate snowballs. However this year, I'm considering the double chocolate fudge cookies with espresso frosting. My barrista daughter pulls me shots each week to keep up with the frosting requirements. They aren't traditional holiday cookies, but they're so good I only bake them once a year so I don't end up weighing a bazillion pounds!

So.... What are you diggin'?