Stating the obvious

As I took the girls out for potty late last night I got a little unexpected feedback. Our back yard faces some apartments that my husband and I lovingly refer to as 'the ghetto'. I won't go into that now, but suffice it to say I am not on a 'howdy neighbor' basis with any of my apartment dwelling neighbors. As I encourage the girls to do their thing so we can get to bed, one of the dwellers hollers down "HEY! How many of those little things you got? Buddy! C'mer! Look at the little dogs!"

For the little dogs, this is the cue to begin their territorial posturing and let the woman know that even though she is on her own balcony, she's violated the little dog treaty and yes.... it is on! As I begin to gather them up [they had already done their business for the evening] I yell back "there's three of them". Buddy, who has been watching me wrangle the doglets yells down "How come you got three dogs? That's too many".

Dude. From your perch you can see there are clearly three of them... and this isn't a conversation I am going to have yelling up at your third floor balcony. But I will answer the question on my blog because... well... I can.

Lets start by saying I didn't want any dogs. I had a full life. My middle daughter (21, in nursing school) started commenting about getting one when we moved into the bigger house 3 years ago. Over my husbands and my objections, she acquires one and says it will stay at her boyfriend's house and just come over for visits. You see where this is going, right? Yes, the dog started spending the night and our worst fears were realized. We fell in love with the dog. Every time she came through the door we would yell "did you bring the dog". The dog moves in and we began to miss the dog when she would take it with her to visit friends... and my lap would get cold.

I began [gasp] to contemplate getting my own dog. At this point you should visualize the requisite discussions that occur between my husband and I followed by my search for a perfect dog despite his coolness to the idea. While I was on a business trip in a nearby state, I picked up a newspaper (who knew they had puppies listed in there) and responded to an ad. Yes, I would love to come out and look. Who goes out to look at a puppy and walks away? Wrong color? Doesn't fit in my arms? What's with all the kisses? I wasn't looking for the big liquid puppy eyes? Yeah, I saw Maddie and drove to the cash machine to make a withdrawl.

Fast forward 6 months. I had no idea that Maddie would come fully equipped with all sorts of neurotic issues (another post for sure), but she wasn't coping well when my daughter took her dog out. My solution? Get another dog. If you have two, how much harder is three? Besides, my daughter would be taking her dog when she left so we'd still only have two. Wisely, my husband didn't bother to fight this one. I found Cassie online with a breeder and paid the deposit, little knowing what kind of an impact she would have. (another post for sure). Lets just say the last year has been very interesting.

So, that's why I have three dogs. Charming, wildly affectionate, cuddly and great companions. I'm using this photo today to show how different they all are. And yes, it's SOOC (straight out of Camera).


And yes, I stepped in Dog doo last night when I brought the dogs in.