I'm sitting here with a Chihuahua in my lap. Yes, it's Madeline. She knows she has priority over either of the other two. She's wiped out from watching the football game with my husband. Football

Either she knows how to keep score or she can read muscle tension because she bailed when we fell behind in the first quarter. Madeline never bails on my husband. However much he objected before I trumped him and brought her home (I found her on a business trip!) they mutually adore each other now.

But I digress.

Sundays are for relaxing, but once my husband leaves for work, I begin to contemplate what must be done in the coming week. I wish I could claim this was a process of organizing my thoughts but it actually accomplishes nothing but cutting my weekend short! This week...

  • The computer consultant was in the server this weekend and wiped out everyone's (mine included) password. I can either go in today (NOT) or early tomorrow and reset all 50 passwords
  • Atrocious hours....6AM presentation 20 miles away on Wednesday. I do this presentation every year at their request. It's hard to say no, and they do buy me breakfast!
  • Confirm fund raiser for next month at local sports pub. The owner loves us. I'll let you know how it goes. There's no smoking there so I should be fine.
  • Shop... the only food I've been buying was for Thanksgiving. After $85 in groceries Wednesday, my cupboards are bare and my fridge is starting to be. Even the leftovers are going, going, gone.
  • Prepare for Van Halen. They are playing at one of the only local venues that actually is non smoking. My asthmatic lungs rejoice.
  • Stall. As I was making breakfast this morning, one of my daughters asked me when we were putting the tree up. We'll get the tree issues soon!

[bloggers note: I have nothing against smokers and am not some militant anti smoking activist that mocks those who do. My poor lungs just cannot deal with any type of smoke. Thus all activities are carefully analyzed for potential scent or smoke exposures before proceeding. Trust me; I'd rather be fun loving and spontaneous, like I used to be. I don't care for the person my lungs force me to be... which is why I sometimes rebel and try things I hope I can get away with.... sigh]

Right now however, I am going to try to clean out my wrapping closet enough to get the presents in my trunk in there. Maybe I should add present wrapping to the list?