Obligations- such as they are

We've reached the portion of the weekend in which my obligations are officially over.

  1. I have prepared and served a fabulous Thanksgiving meal on time and with attitude
  2. I have made significant yet thankless attempts to entertain my youngest with feminine bonding activities. (lets just say I need to "up my game"- she didn't dig the chick flick)
  3. I have girded my loins (whatever that means) and charged into the fray that is Black Friday. I dodged perfumed shoppers, found half price socks and Rubbermaid dishes and I bought a wrench
  4. I have watched my first holiday movie with the fam- National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

I have also much to my chagrin started lying to everyone I love. This starts from the time I buy my first Christmas gift. When my children were younger, they were outraged to find out that I can lie and lie well during the holidays. They quickly began to question me over even the most mundane things; dinner menus, the year of my birth and of course everyone else's presents. This is now viewed as a family tradition or a harbinger of all our Christmas traditions from the tree to the baking. Stay tuned for an up close look at my anxieties surrounding all things holiday related. This gets interesting...

Since this is the official beginning of the holiday season, here's a little something to get you in the mood! Enjoy!

The_pirate_life  Oops! Wrong Holiday!

After a brisk search of our hard drive, we'll get back to you with our festive holiday photos.

We apologize for any inconvenience the pirate may have caused you.