Thankful... yes!

Along wih the usual things to be thankful for, I really am thankful for a few special things today.

  • That I can afford to buy the food I'll be eating today
  • That I've had the opportunity to raise great kids
  • That I know what true love is
  • That I make a difference on the planet, in my work and in my heart

With that said, I want to share pics of my dogs today. I know I've been warning you, but today is a very special day. It's Cassie's (my youngest Chihuahua) first birthday today. She's a woman now! Fittingly, she's also having her puppy period and yes, she's a little cranky. I've seen her lady bits though and I'd be cranky too! Don't worry though, no photos of the lady bits will be taken or posted. There's no stalkorazzi on this site!Sitcass_3

This is Cassie. She's a long coat Chihuahua.

Maddie_and_fi This is Maddie and Fiona. Fiona is the blond. She's my daughter's dog and is half Chihuahua and half Pomeranian. We call her a Pomahuahua.

Maddie is my smooth coat Chihuahua and the love of my life.

Maddie_bug Maddie... she's not my favorite!