Thanksgiving issues

Speaking of Thanksgiving.... I know it's upon me. My desk is littered with Bon Appetite magazines and printouts from Food Network, shopping lists, recipes and coffee cups. My brain is whirling with strategies, time lines and last minute menu additions. No, I am not expecting U2 or the Queen for dinner. This is what I go through each year in preparing dinner for my family.

If we loosely believe that I'm sane the rest of the year, it seems clear that my sanity packs up and leaves town for the holidays somewhere about November first when the initial anxiety regarding Christmas lists begins to rear it's ugly head. Unfortunately, my philosophy around the holidays has evolved into a morbid competition of sorts where I am the only player. Each Thanksgiving dinner must somehow be an improvement over the last. Perhaps I have spent too much time at professional sporting events and listened the lame sports analogies such as "coach says we have to focus on our game" and "we're really not looking at the playoffs yet, we have to play one game at a time". In my personal kitchen stadium (Iron Chef much?) apparently the translation is that I have to "up my game" from the very tasty meal I prepared last year.

If you spend any time talking with my husband, he may disclose that he must occasionally 'talk me down' from the more grandiose schemes that I concoct for the Most Perfect Feast Ever [MPFE). I believe he thought that my plan to make homemade sourdough dinner rolls may actually interfere with getting the bird to the table. A brief moment of reflection made me see that I might have a point and thus I caved this morning and agreed that he could acquire the dinner rolls. This shouldn't be too hard as he works in a bakery. It's just so hard to let go.

This year I have recruited my middle daughter into my MPFE team. She isn't likely to help with the turkey, but I anticipate that she'll be helping me with other dishes. Although I am allowing this participation, I sincerely hope that she does not form her own obsessions around these holiday traditions. It would be very challenging to have two of us in the same family!

I'll try to post again tomorrow assuming I get my preliminary prep work done with the turkey.

First I have to go find my brining bucket.