Who I am? Great question... Tough answer

Like most of you, I'm simple and complex.

I have a strong set of beliefs that support almost everything I do. I tend not to commit to very much, but am very steadfast to the few things I commit to. I sometimes have difficulty understanding people who de-commit on a whim. I can be very compassionate and work hard to keep myself practical and logical. I try to cover up that I cry during movies, national anthem at football games and emails from my aunt. I'm stubborn, and often sure I'm right.

I am overly fond of black shoes. I've tried wearing brown and I just can't. Ditto on purses. I buy my hair care prodcuts from overseas and my skincare and make up online. I buy gold earrings and wear them for months. I gave up mascara because I hate makeup remover. I cut my hair twice a year when it goes from 15 minute to 30 minute hair in the morning. 

I'm a teensy bit obsessive about a few things: Thanksgiving dinner (each one must be better than the last), Christmas trees (must comply with "the vision" and cookies (why bother to bake if you aren't going to do it perfectly?). This obsession for perfection does not extend to the cleanliness of my home or my willingness to go to the gym. We all have limits.

My daughters are almost grown and instead of reveling in that new freedom, I began adopting Chihuahuas. You shouldn't hang out with me if you can't handle dog stories, photos or humor.

Four years ago I developed adult onset asthma. It changed many things about how I live my life. It doesn't define me, but it does challenge me

With a husband, 2 jobs, three kids, three dogs, three cats and a can do attitiude, my world tends to orbit pretty fast. Occasionally, I have to step up and do more than I think I can. This is when my cape starts fluttering.

If you haven't turned away yet, perhaps you've heard something that struck a cord. Or you're wondering how I get through a single day. Either way, feel free to come back and visit.