On the Super Bowl

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Back in 2011, I was writing for 12th Man Rising. I wrote a piece about our Seahawks being in transition. I re-read it yesterday and thought it was worth sharing...

On Being a Patient Fan

Sitting in the stands on Seahawks Sundays gives you more than a front row seat to the smell of garlic fries, kettle corn and the pageantry of the game. It has the undeniable advantage of exposing you to the opinions of all the fans around you as well.

Without straining, I can hear opinions ranging from expectations of recapturing the NFL West to harsh commentary on Pete Carroll and his coaches to staunch assertions that we ought to put Charlie in and set TJ aside. While I fancy myself an optimist and started the season with dreams of NFC West domination dancing in my head, the first few games of this season have been a reality check of sorts… one that has done nothing to dim my love for this team.

 I think I was in denial during The Mora Year… Mourning Holmgren’s departure; convinced that there was sufficient skill on the remainder of The Big Show’s roster; sure that better coaching and an actual awareness of the team’s needs would turn things around. While I was confident any coach (almost) would be an improvement over Mora Jr, I wasn’t prepared for the upheaval the Carroll/Schneider show brought to the roster. I’m fairly certain that the “I’m In” tap was the emotional fuel in the tank that got an unworthy 7-9 team past the champion New Orleans Saints in post season play.

Fast forward through this off season’s strike, negotiations and new player contract… Training camp opens up…Optimism and Reality wrestle for domination in my heart. Optimism puts Reality in a choke hold and Reality taps out.

After the requisite bus ride to training camp, my optimism and I stood sweating on the sidelines watching scrimmage at VMAC. Pete is a ball of energy, working with this scenario and that script. Players are rotating in and out, veterans posturing and hopefuls trying to impress. Even with the compressed preseason schedule Pete and John were still moving pieces around, still looking for the click; that elusive combination of skill, knowledge and speed coupled with the intangibles; instinct, readiness, versatility...

As much as I wish it were different, this team is not your classic division winner, not even a dark horse. It’s a work in progress. An unproven quarterback with an even more unproven back up, scrambling behind a pimply faced, young offensive line that struggles to create the blocking needed for a passing game and learn the rhythm necessary for a running game… Add to that a defense that retired it’s leaders and elected new ones and a special teams corps that is anything but polished.

It’s a promise, this team… A young, tough, fast, hard hitting promise. Like a 90’s Tetris game, it’s a collection of really great pieces that may yet fit together. I can’t wait until it clicks!

-Two years later, we have an exciting young QB and we're in the Super Bowl. And I'm so grateful to Pete, and John Schneider, our GM for putting together a team that pulls together. And our owner, Paul Allen, for saving the Seahawks and having the wisdom as an owner to let the football people do football.

It's good to be a 12!

A Brave New Year

2013 was unexpected and revolutionary. So many dynamics changed... the loss of loved ones, the loss of relationships, the loss of pets... It sometimes felt like being in the middle of a whirlpool , surrounded by people, tasks, responsibilities... and everything swirling madly.

I spent much of the year trying to wrestle situations and people into what I believed were the best solutions. I spent a lot of time grieving and often... grieving again when it didn't work. It was a year of attempting to preserve, defy, restructure, and resolve.

In the end, thankfully....clarity. I cannot change some things. There are some things I've realized I no longer wish to change. And what I'm left with is what I will cherish. These are the feelings, the values and the people that matter.

In 2014, I'm letting go of the things I wrestled with last year. I'm focusing on the things that make me strong and healthy... meditation, yoga, hiking, photography and the people that make me whole. I'm finally letting go of the people that fracture me.

2014 will still be full of difficult tasks that must be done, but no more emotional wrestling matches.

I'm working on grace. And bravery. And not becoming a hermit...

Because this girl in the photo below... she's still in me and she's still an adventurer!



Approaching the Holidays

A man's as miserable as he thinks he is.  ~Seneca

We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong, the amount of work is the same. ~ Carlos Castaneda

One of the blessings of being me aside from having hair that grows like a weed is the ability to be completely at ease when alone.

Self contained...

Self entertained...

If left to my own devices, I'm a Ferdinand the Bull. Meandering... lolly-gagging... daydreaming... distracted... hypnotized by my own internal dialog...

Or hypnotized by the view of life through the lens of my camera.

Not a strategy, just a happy coincidence...

If I do pull my head out of the clouds or out from behind the camera, a good sized chunk of my brain is still running probabilities on the cost of barbecue sauce, pondering the truth behind living on a bayou, determining whether or not I need a new tree topper and deciding how many types of holiday cookies I should bake.

It makes for an interesting internal dialog!

With the holidays right around the corner, my internal dialog is centered around family, football, cookies and recharging my internal battery!

What's your internal dialog?

I've added a couple pictures to my opening photo album. I hope you like them!


I'd never put on a regulation NFL helmet before. Now that I have.... who knew that a football helmet would weigh more that my little dog?

I'd forgotten how much I love the fall... but I can't believe I forgot how much I don't like being cold.

Cassie had to have a bunch of teeth pulled. I think she'll be surprised next time she tries to nip Boy cat and she has only gummies in the front!  (She doesn't put much effort into it, she's just trying to herd him outside).

My hair is long enough to touch my neck again. It tickles sometimes. I really don't want a cold neck this winter.

I'm scanning some of my father's slides from my childhood. That little girl in the pictures was sure full of beans. I like her.

Right now, I think I'm going to go discover some warm socks!


The Rock

Clarity to see what's lies within them, even though an inigma to others...

Empathy, when the load to bear will leave them with weary arms...

Knowledge that the stoic surface is truly an unrealized wish to be understood...

Comfort, when those that should, don't see the obvious...

A rock, that lets the emotions flow over them, yet slows the cascade until it's managable...

An earthly bond between Land and Sky, Wind and Water, Movement and Stillness...

Ill matched, yet perfectly paired...



I spent time with Oma and Oma this weekend, took a nap and mostly slept through the night on prime rib and roasted potatoes. Woke up to sourdough pancakes and bacon...

We had a vigorous storm come through the area Saturday and Sunday so I was glad to come home and comfort Madeline.

My Seahawks won in a come from behind victory which showed their grit!

I baked 3 round rosemary breads yesterday... sliced them up and made toasted ham and cheese sandwiches for the family last night!

Today I go back to yoga and find some zen that was so elusive last week.

I'm so grateful for all the things I do have in my life. I have to remind myself not to want more.