Dinner with The Electrician

So last week, K2/Girlfriend's former significant other (they dated for forever it seems) saw my post about the nacho heartburn. He facebooked me back about this place he'd eaten at with pulled pork sandwiches. He knows I have a weakness for the pulled pork. Did I want to try it?

Um, yeah!

Then he texted me yesterday about what time... Oh yeah! I'd forgotten it was set up for Monday night! My evening just improved like a thousand percent.

(It's worth noting here that we've had The Electrician in our lives since like 2003 at least. We still like him. In fact TOG bumped into him at the baseball game last week and was so excited to have seen him. We know The Electrician and K2/Girlfriend are just friends now.)

So anyway we get to this tiny place and it doesn't look very glamorous. But when you open the door... the smell! The smell! And then I saw the awards....

Dude has won some BBQ awards from some Kansas City competitions! The anticipation builds! After much contemplation, we made our selections and ordered. I settled for the pulled pork plate with two sides. The Electrician went for the Boss Hog with the Memphis (hot link and slaw) on top. [Editor's note: please note that you can buy pulled pork by the pound to take home. AG is doomed. Doomed I tell you.]

And here they are...

Pulled pork... note the "burnt end pieces" in the sandwich. OMG! And you can see the rub (which is perfect). I started pouring the sauce and then realized it was going to be more than I could handle and I just dipped instead!

Here's The Electrician's "Boss Hog". It comes pre-sauced. Uh oh. That's gonna be a mess....

A couple tasting notes here. The rub was fantastic. It accentuated and did not overpower the smoky flavor of the pork. The sauce was amazing. It was not sweet (vinegar based) and the flavor built over time. Halfway through the sandwich, the flavors were a full symphony in my mouth. The beans... The Electrician and I thought they were a little "tabasco-y". The corn bread. OMG. They put lemon zest in their corn bread. This was very light and not too sweet, but the zest totally cooled off the rub fest on your tongue. It took your taste buds completely the other way. Amazing.

Best of all...


They have a hand wash station right in the middle of the dining room.

These guys have it down. I'll definitely be back.

Thanks Electrician!

AG out!