Grillin' and a giveaway!

A few weeks ago, a guy named Al contacted me from Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. Like many of the other bloggers that Al connected with, he wanted to send me samples of Country Bob's sauce so that I could try it and blog about it. Then he'd let me give away a couple bottle to commenters on the blog. I have to admit, my first thought was "Cool"! My second thought was "What if I don't like it." So I emailed Al back and asked him. He didn't seem worried about it, so I agreed. My Country Bob's sauce arrived promptly.

In the meantime, I moved my blog and went through reindexing and prolonged feed contortions and waited for the weather to clear so we could grill.

Tonight, TOG (my beloved Old Goat) decided to throw ribs on the grill. He said he had a plan for Country Bob and his sauce. I roasted some veggies... (Carrots, Asperagus and Parsnips) while TOG ran the grill.  As it turns out, TOG applied Country Bob straight to the ribs. Talk about good! The perfect amount of tanginess and it just really accented the ribs beautifully. Personally, I was prepared to cobble together a sauce... maybe some soy, brown sugar, garlic, lime, herbs... I was sure I could put together a good sauce. But just straight on the ribs... classic, simple, savory! It actually created a slight glaze on the ribs that was oh so desirable! In hind sight, it might even work to dribble a little on roasted veggies, which I normally do with just olive oil and sea salt.

So, summer's coming and we'll be doing a lot more grilling. Do you grill? Do you want to perk up your grilling? Leave a comment below telling me what you like to grill or what you'd grill if you had some Country Bob's! I'll choose a couple winners to recieve some Country Bob's of their very own!

Contest ends on Sunday Evening!

PS~ I wish I had pictures to show you but the ribs were so good, that TOG is in the kitchen eating the last one. So much for left overs!