Catering perfection

It feels like it's a been a total food week here on the blog! Not that that's a bad thing! Today's post moves us from food that I've cooked to food that someone else has cooked! (and I get to eat!)

Today I hauled my crabby back to work (not the best idea I've ever had) because I had a date with my event planning sidekick to go see the last caterer. Yes... it's time for the final tasting! (that sounds so ominous!) This caterer is kind of unique because they offer you a tasting AFTER you've indicated what menu you're interested in. Then when you go to the tasting, they make that food for you.

So we started off with one of our appetizers. We wanted the "breads and spreads" which is nine different spreads served at an appetizer station with toast points, pita points and bagel bites. We got to try four of  the spreads with a deli bread...

From the top moving clockwise, Olive Tapenade (OMG! Sweet Mother of Pearl), Sweet onion spread (OMG), Roasted red pepper hummus (bland but pleasant) and Herbed salmon spread (nice!). I liked the tapenade so much and my friend liked the onion dip so much that we protested when the chef tried to remove the plate from our table. He finally offered to package them so we could take them with us!

Our next plate was salad. We wanted two salads because not everyone likes Caesar. 

So on the left, the most amazing Caesar ever... with fresh croutons. I don't really like Caesar, but I couldn't quit eating it! The salad on the right is wild greens with gorgonzola, candied walnuts and cherry tomatoes with a pear vinegrette. Yummy! That dressing had "oomph"!

Finally, for the main, we selected the following....

At the top of the plate is the pasta dish... We wanted both a veggie and meat main so we wouldn't have to have veggie plates on the side. The pasta dish is penne in a light garlic cream sauce with sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Again, I don't even like sun dried tomatoes and these were quite good. The other main at the bottom of the plate is chicken marsala with sauted mushrooms and sweet onions. Baby. I was full by this time and I kept eating "one more bite". It's embarassing to have your gluttany hanging out in public!

The chef was great! We totally enjoyed his humor and his cooking. This caterer runs 7 crews and your chef for the event is assigned. Our chef asked us to request him so he could be attached to our event. I'll gladly do it. He's an approachable guy and I want him on my team! Besides I loved all his tattoos and his gaged ears!

I'm still full. Thank goodness that lemon cake from hell is gone so I don't have to get up and go eat some! I wonder how many calories are burned walking into the kitchen...

Asthmagirl out!