Chicken Pie for the Soul

Yesterday I roasted a chicken in the crock pot. The theory being that I wouldn't have to get up and cook. So then I got up and made crash hot potatoes too. And steamed broccoli. The chicken was amazing! Did you know that if you wad up three balls of foil and set the chicken on the balls in the crock pot, it keeps the chicken up out of the juice and truly roasts it? Love me some foil balls! The chicken was simple, just a sprinkle of fresh tarragon and a splash of white wine in the bottom of the pot and it was amazing! I had to talk fast to keep TOG from eating all the leftover chicken!

So tonight, I diced up the leftover chicken and skimmed the fat off the broth and made "good for the soul" chicken pie! You know how when you're not feeling great, you tend to focus on exactly what you want to eat? The whole phenomenon of "what sounds good"? Like the better the food is, the faster you're cured? I'm totally like that when I'm feeling asthmatic! I guess I'm like that with a funky back too!

Oh, and I can never make that lemon cake again. It's like crack. And the glaze? Straight into the vein, baby!
In other news... I've been having fun with the laptop camera. Cassie has been glued to me for the last 48 hours. It's like she's in a coma...

"Psst! Cassie!"

"What...? Is there a squirrel? I was sleeping!"

"Here, rub my belly!"

"I'm still your favorite, right? Wait... don't tell Maddie I said that..."

Asthmagirl out!