Caterer to the third power


Above: Gratuitous Food Porn...If you missed the first two episodes of the caterer episodes, you can click here and here.

So we met with the third caterer Friday. M and I were prepared to contact other caterers if this guy didn't work out. We just felt really discouraged after our session with caterer two.

Initially I was a little disappointed. He met us at our agency, and he didn't bring any food, just photo albums. But oh my gosh... the pictures! I felt like licking the pages! Then he talked and talked and talked. This dude can talk! And he's Italian with long ponytail and the "talking" hand motions. Very vivid. He spent an enjoyable hour talking about events and options and what he's done/could do for us.

When he wound down and we talked about our event, he named off probably one of the biggest auction events in our county... he's catering it in two weeks, and he can get us in so we can see who donated their stuff. Oh, we took him up on that!

Then he started talking about how he puts together the budget, and yeah... this will cost you more, that will cost you more. But he still said he was going to give us a better deal than we thought, we just had to tell him our per person costs we could live with and he'd beef things up in the food department because those are the costs he can control. Then he reminded M that she knew the people who do all the place settings and linens and why didn't we get those donated and then he could use the budget to do even better food? And he knew who would donate music and ice. Then he said we could auction off a week in his house in Cabo. And then he said he still hoped we'd pick him for the food!

So we're waiting on his bid and number two's bid. In the meantime, M called the guy she knew and we did get the dinnerware and linens donated and that's two extra appetizers should we choose to go that route. M just didn't think to ask for that donation. And we're going to the swanky event in two weeks. We're coming in with the caterers to have a look around!

Oh, and the tasting thing... he doesn't bring food to the first meeting. He sets up a time with you for one of the chefs to come to your home or your work and prepare you a little something, something. He still hopes we'll choose him.

I don't know... it's a tough sell. What do you think?