Catering anxiety

We met with another caterer Wednesday...


They made us a tasting dish... From the left: pistachio and Gorgonzola on crustini (meh), sweet onion and cheddar corn-cakes (OMG), Pear, pecan and blue cheese tart-lets (Very, Very Nice), Artichoke and Crab souffle`in a phyllo cup (nice, but over powered by the "hint" of jalapeno), shrimp with lemon/ginger/soy and a few red pepper flakes (interesting but too "juicy" for carry around appetizers).

The main difference between this caterer and the previous one... attitude. The first one wanted the job and he wanted to support us and he was willing to do it at cost. He had "I won't charge your for that" tattooed on his, um... well it was tattooed somewhere. The second one would like to have the job but every sentence ended with "of course you realize that will cost you more". A salad plate was more, a serving utensil for the deserts was more, bringing little convection ovens to heat some of the above appetizers was more. Did we want to pay for bussing? What about setting the tables? We left feeling very discouraged about having options. Ideally, we would like the deal the first caterer gave us and the food the second caterer discussed. We know that's not going to happen.

We meet with the third caterer on Friday. He already told M that he was prepared to give us a "deep discount" but we'll have to see what that means. He's the same caliber as the 2nd caterer. M thinks we might want to chat up a couple more just to see what else might work. I agree. We also think we should talk with the first caterer and tell him we'll pay a little bit more if he'll do something special for appetizers like the ones above.

I'm willing to listen advice. I am not willing to spend more for bussing. I'm just not. Nor am I going to ask for volunteers to bus tables as caterer 2 suggested. That's beyond tacky.

Yours in "talking to caterers isn't all it's cracked up to be",


PS ~ The glasses still cause deep unrelenting headaches. I'm taking them back. Maddie held it til 6:30 am this morning. Jiffy Lube scanned me again last night. No coupons from Keens yet!