Caterer Test Drive

Caterer one was interesting. They do a tasting once a month and basically cook a big ol' meal. Brides show up with their parents, beaus, sisters... whomever. I think M and I were the only ones there shopping for a fund raiser. M is a fellow manager at work and in the course of her duties at one of our facilities meets a lot of caterers. I've taken her word for who we ought to be talking to for this event and although this guy is fairly new on the scene, he does get good reviews, especially for his customer service.


Table one: The ceasar salad was actually quite good. I don't usually care much for it but his was very nice. The pasta pesto salad was okay. I think he erred on the side of al dente, and thus the penne was almost not done. Light flavor. Lots of parmesan. Compliments the BBQ meatballs which were OMG! Not frozen meatballs with KC Masterpiece. These were oh so tender with flavor and zest and the sauce was lighter, not "pasty"... but still very flavorful. Mmmm.... I could have eaten 3. I took two but gave one to M and didn't get close to them again.


In order...

Green beans with garlic and almonds- Nice

Garlic mashed potatoes- OMG

Gravy- OMG

Herbed chicken- Nice

Carribean rubbed pork- Great flavor, a little tough

Prime rib- Tender, slightly over done, good flavor

Then we sat down to talk with the executive chef. First, I have got to get me one of those coats with my name on it. Just to wear on Thanksgiving and Christmas! Second, he showed us how much our selections would be for the event. After I got done wheezing, he told us how meaningful our mission was to him personally and started no charging us... the pear salad, the appetizers, the coffee and punch service, the dessert service, the table linens, and the bar service. If we went with him, this would save us around $2500. Nice.

Next up, one of the better caterers on Wednesday. In the meantime, expect more whining about my new glasses!