Irish night at the pub!

It being St Patricks Day yesterday, you have to know that TOG and I headed to the pub for corned beef and cabbage!  I love it when the pub has a special menu and it's the only night all year when they have green beer!


(for green beer, look on top of the taps)

But for me, it's more about the menu which they do a great job on. It's their full menu, plus the special Irish menu... I had shepherds pie!


Oh... There's the menu there. Unfortunately, you can't read it from here, but for dessert, I had the cupcake... A chocolate/stout ale/sour cream cupcake with green cream cheese frosting. No pictures of course (forgot!).

While there I ran into one of my favorite families...


Yes, imom and her lovely dancing daughter! The males of the family were there too, but they weren't so hot on stopping by for a picture! I believe there may be more pictures on her site!

Ultimately, we had a lovely time... it was crowded but fun!


Especially if you're into green beer!

Did you celebrate last night?

PS~ If you volunteered to test coffee, you probably got an email from me asking for your address. Even if you've given it to me before. Because I'm not as organized as I should be!