Testing one, two, three...

This breakthrough instant coffee is available online and at select Starbucks stores in Chicago and Seattle.

So we've touched on my love of Starbucks oatmeal, yes? Well, I've continued to indulge and that means I'm at Starbucks pretty regularly and ironically, not for coffee. Here in the home of "coffee town", I'm just dropping by for the oatmeal! (To balance my daily budget, if I buy oatmeal, I don't buy coffee) I've been filling my travel cup at home with the Costco "organic rainforest" I've become so fond of.

The baristas regularly ask me if I want coffee. "We have a great drip this morning" has become their chant! Then came Starbucks new instant coffee, Via. Each morning it's praises are sung... Every barista has assured me that it tastes just as good as brewed coffee. Samples have been offered. Each morning I'm asked "have you tried it yet?"

The answer is no. Because you may not know this, but I'm mildly particular about my coffee. So I either give the samples to someone else or I tuck them away in my desk drawer at work for 'emergencies'! Maybe it's just me or maybe it's living in this part of the country, but I think we're just not geared for instant coffee. If you don't have time to make some, you go get some, you don't reach for the instant!

With all that in mind, I've reached the conclusion that I'm unlikely to make the leap. I can't trust what a barista is telling me and no one I know has tried it. And none of you can try it because it's currently only available here and in Chicago. Or maybe....

Psst! Come closer! I've come up with a plan: Yesterday I blew my budget on a multipack of Via. (The baristas were thrilled) Leave me a comment here if you want to be an official tester. Let's say the deadline is noon tomorrow (Wednesday). I'll select testers until I run out of Via. I'll send it to you. You'll try it. Next week, on Thursday, you'll post your results. I'll run a link to official testing blogs so we can see the results from around the country! Reviews we can believe in!

So who's in? Hello? Testers? Seriously, this needs to work... or I'm going to be stuck with a lot of instant coffee!