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2008-10-08 Mothers Cookies (3) by cromely.

Cookies. Mother's cookies. I love them! The iced raisin, the iced lemon, the iced oatmeal (hmmm... bit of a theme there!)... But my favorites..?

Mother's Double Fudge Cookies - OUT OF STOCK

Mother's double fudge. Oh. My. Gah. And their mysterious cousin...


I wondered what happened to them... not that I was going to buy any (ahem), but I just happened to notice that they were no longer on the shelf. Turns out they went bankrupt in late October. I didn't notice because they were still on the shelf in November, and then I went into cooking baking mode the first of December!

Finally, I read yesterday that Kellogs is picking them up and will start producing Mother's again in June of 09. Here's the list of what they'll make:

* Circus Animals
* Iced Oatmeal cookies
* Parade Animal cookies
* Chocolate Chip
* Coconut Cocadas
* Macaroons
* Taffy Sandwich cookies
* English Tea cookies- HOORAY!!!
* Double Fudge Sandwich cookies
* Vanilla Crème Sandwich cookies
* Iced Lemon cookies

All my favorites! The world is spinning back on it's axis! Sigh...