Potato Ho Down!

Welcome to September's Potato Ho Down! We're so glad you're here! I'm Madeline Gayle (Asthmagirl) and I'll be your HO-stess for this month! We have so many delicious entries and I hope you'll take the time to visit our contributors and test these spud recipes in your own kitchen!

We start off with Cheryl Dunkin of Cooking Dunkin Style who contributed Hasselback Potatoes!


My recipe is for Hassleback Potatoes and I have attached a photo for ya.  Thank you!

  •  4 russet potatoes, scrubbed well

  • 1/2 cube butter

  • 1 garlic clove cut into very thin slices

  • 1 garlic clove minced well

  • salt and fresh cracked pepper

  • 4 tbl Romano or Parmesan Cheese

The hardest part of this recipe is cutting the potatoes, I read somewhere if you place them on a wooden spoon it works well and it does! Essentially you want to cut slits in the potato from one end to the other but not all the way thru the potato, just about 3/4 the way thru.

 Place as many of the garlic slices as you wish into the slits you made in the potato.

 Place on a baking sheet

 Melt the butter and add the minced garlic, then brush the tops of the potatoes with that mixture, add salt and pepper to taste

Bake at 425 for 50 minutes, remove, brush with remaining garlic butter and add the cheese. Return to oven for approximately another 20 minutes

(I served with a horseradish and chive sour cream)

Thank you Cheryl. These look amazing!

Next is Sherli Hon Dory of http://www.eatingclubvancouver.com

Her recipe is intriguing... Duck Fat Potatoes. When asked for a description Ms. Dory exclaims "Duck. Fat. Potatoes. I don't think we need to say more".

Not to me you don't, Ms. Dory! Anything with fat and potatoes in the name is going in my cookbook! And they look fabulous!

Duck fat potatoes 

You'll find the recipe on Ms. Dory's blog, Eating Club Vancouver! Be sure to look this one up!

Next up is a fab-o recipe from Ms. Lollipop Anne of The Cutting Edge of Ordinary. Oh my! This looks beyond amazing and includes two of Asthmagirl's favorite food groups; potatoes and leeks! Press close to your monitors fellow Ho's and have a look at this!

Shredded Potato Cake with Leeks 1 piece - 

Shredded Potato Cakes with Leeks! Yum! Ms. Lollipop Anne has outdone herself!

You can find her recipe in the following post! I know I'll be visiting!

Our next entry comes from our wonderful neighbors to the north...

Ms. Bellini Valium hails from Beautiful British Columbia, Canada (one of my favorite places!) and her recipe speaks to the fashion conscious Ho. Notes Ms. Bellini:

"You may not be able to wear white after Labour Day but you can eat white after Labour Day in this white Cheddar mashed potato dish!" Behold!

White cheddar mashed potatoes 

Ms. Bellini is the delighful author of More than burnt toast and you can find the recipe for these beautiful mashies right here! I know where I'll be going for my fashion advice in the future!

Our own Sparky Marie submitted her contribution earlier this week. Many of you are familiar with Ms. Sparky's Blog, The Noble Pig. As one of the founding Ho's we have high expectations for Ms. Sparky Marie's contribution and she does not disappoint... At last... Potato biscuits! Be still my heart!


Ms. Sparky enclosed the following note with her recipe: “As a faithful Potato Ho I want to make sure all carbs are utilized in my tuber obsession, hence potatoes turned into bread.  Perfection!”

We can only agree, Sparky Marie. Please pass the butter!

Our next Potato Ho created something that made me run upstairs for elastic waist pants. Oh my! Oh... Introductions! Of Course

Ms. Sarky Ann who writes the delightful Livin' Local blog in California send her fall recipe for Sweet corn potato chowder. I don't even need a pictures *waves spoon in the air*! I'm ready to try it! Word on the street is that she made it with fresh corn off the cob!

Sweet corn and potato chowder 

Ms. Sarky Ann's note is as follows: The best foods are born of necessity.  This was one of those I Want Comfort Food, Soup Sounds Good, What Can I Make Without Going Shopping kinds of nights.  Luckily I had a nice stash of veggies from a local farm stand, which is always a good beginning.  This creation was a PH hit with all who did partake.  Surely you can smell the sweetness just oozing through the photo!

Yes we can Ms. Sarky Ann, and thank you for tempting us with your bowl of goodness!

Our next recipe comes from ELRA who writes Elra's Cooking.

Elra sends us a fascinating recipe for an Indian dish called Aloo Tikki. The enclosed note tells us: Aloo Tikki is popular Indian street food that is very quick, easy to make yet very delicious!

Aloo Tikki 

Although I have never tired it, I already know I will love it. It's quick, easy and it has peas folks! Peas! My poor family survived my 2002 obscession for any pasta with peas. This looks close enough to me! Potatoes with Peas! Fellow Potato Ho's... rejoice with me! Thank you Elra!

Our next recipe comes from King Rachel (what a wonderful Potato Ho name!) of Columbus Foodie.

King Rachel sets the trend for what royals are eating this month in Columbus and throughout the states. We're pleased to report that this month, it's Carribean Sweet Potato Salad!


The royal notes include the following: A very fresh and cooling sweet potato salad recipe for the dog days of summer.

We couldn't agree more, King Rachel! And it looks worthy of any royal!

Our next entry into the Ho Down is Ms. Mandy Lynn who shows us how to handle the basics... in style! Ms. Mandy's entry comes to us from Kitchen Kiki. All I can say after my visit is that Ms. Mandy Lynn certainly knows what she's doing ... and her Fish and Chips!  Divine! Check out these bad boy spuds....


Be still my little Ho Heart! And I thought my local pub had it going on! Be sure to drop by and have a look at how she does it. Thanks for your thoughtful (and delicious) entry Ms. Mandy Lynn! Can someone pass the tartar sauce?

Our next entry come from the site Pages, Pucks and Pantry where fellow Potato Ho, Ms. Trixie Bell works her magic day after day. This month Ms. Trixie Bell pulled out all the stops and entered this work of art... Roasted Smashed Potatoes with Peppers!

Roasted smashed poatoes with peppers   

You can find the recipe here along with a very helpful note that Ms. Trixie Bell left for us. Let me whisper it in your ear, lean in....  BACON would be an excellent addition to this dish! Just remember, you heard it here first! Thanks Ms. Trixie Bell for a truly tempting taste treat!

Our next Potato Ho is Ms. Riley Marie from her blog Dlyn. Ms. Riley Marie was kind enough to send the following recipe for Margharita Roast Potatoes. Those lovers of Margharita pizza are going to love this!


Is that fresh basil? Is there an extra plate? Be sure to stop by and see this post which has all the scoop on how to amaze your family with this innovative recipe! Thanks Riley Marie, and what a timely contribution, just when everyone's garden and farmers market has these ingredients fresh on hand!

Our next contribution comes to us from The love of cooking blog which is written by Ms. Sierra Elizabeth. I have two words here my fellow Hos. Potatoes. Cheese. Feast your eyes....


Ms. Sierra Elizabeth has all the directions and additional pictures here. If you have potatoes ready to harvest and you're wondering what to do with them... run over to Ms. Sierra Elizabeth's blog and get the lowdown! Thank you Ms. Sierra E, for creating an entry with such beauty!

Our next Ho Down contribution comes from the delightful blog Where's my damn answer and one of the authors, Ms Maxine Denise is here to temp you with the incomparable Maxine Denise Breakfast Spud!

Breakfast spud

I'm telling you what... this would get me out of bed! And apparently, this is only half of the potato. Where is the other half? And can it come live with me? Thank you Maxine Denise for setting the standard on getting us ready to face the day!

For my contribution (Madeline Gayle here, your humble Ho-stess) I fumbled my way through a recipe which did not turn out as planned. I was able to save it and it's over on the cooking blog.

Salmon potato cakes  

Asthmagirl's Madeline Gayle's Potato Salmon Cakes Nuggets. The ultimate combination of mashed yukon gold potatoes and a savory salmon cake... covered in panko crumbs and gently fried to a golden brown. One of my finer mistakes and tastier than you might think! (as evidence the husband ate them cold out of the tupperware container and pronounced them very fine indeed!)

Our next contributor is the very talented Ms Duchess Grace from Baking Delights. Ms Duchess Grace has concocted something that has to be seen to be believed:

Please give a huge Potato Ho welcome to Duchess Grace's hot fresh and spicy Cinnamon Chipotle Potato Chips!  The recipe is here and Ms. Duchess Grace notes: Wow.  Just wow.  Sit back, and pose as the admiring looks are lavished upon you by your new admirers and fans.  As long as you have potatoes and the Chipotle Rub you will have them…umm…eating out of your hand.

I've saved a very unique entry for last and I urge you to drop by and read the post in it's entirety. This entry is from Ms. Kristina Shane of Evil Chef Mom, one of our founding Ho's. Ms. Kristina Shane's entry this month is not only Fingerling Potatoes...


... but an entire offering on the proper care and preperation of our favorite tuber along with advice on relaxation and detox. This is an educational offering not to be missed!

In closing, I want to thank Ms. Sparky Marie and Ms. Kristina Shane for allowing me to step into the Ho-stessing shoes for a few days. It is an experience not to be missed, and as your guest Ho-stess, I've enjoyed seeing the recipes and pictures roll in. I hope you'll all be back for next months Ho Down which will be hosted here.

We now return to our regular programming!