Asthmagirl's Potato Salmon Cakes

Asthmagirl's Salmon Potato Cakes Nuggets

Salmon potato cakes 

I saw a recipe online but couldn't find it again, so here's how this came together:

2 envelopes pink salmon

1 egg (beaten)

Some shaved Walla Walla sweet onion

tsp minced garlic

Sprinkle of cayanne

6 inch stem of fresh rosemary leaves, de-limbed and minced.

Having mixed the above together, I then folded in my mashed potatos which consisted of 4 yukon golds mashed with a little butter and milk.

I created patties and coated them with Panko crumbs, but the potatos were too loose to hang together, so I started rolling nuggets in the Panko instead. I think you could fry dirt in Panko crumbs and it would be awesome. However, I have to admit, these were awesome. Next time, I'd make the potatoes firmer, and give them time to sit. Or use left over mashed potatoes (which NEVER happens around here)!

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