I forgot to bring the camera to the pub last night and thus no new pictures... However since TOG had this:

Summer salad

And I had this:

Chicken ceviche nacho

There's no news on that front.

K2 is in California visiting her fella. I'm not allowed to use the term "boyfriend" as he's not a boy and they're just getting to know each other, so I struggle with terminology. Apparently there is wine tasting in their future today and I am promised pictures of vineyards galore. They are south of San Fran but north of LA and I'm given to understand the weather is delightful.

I got my hoof in a shoe yesterday (yes, in THE shoes!). There is talk of a retry of the hike where I fell on the snow field. If I can get my hoof in the hiking boot, I think I would be in business. My boots have a ton of support and I am aching to hike. I see the season slipping away from us, and the last two hikes we're completed, one due to injury and one due to weather. Plus with football season starting, Sundays are not going to work for us, so we really have to squeeze the hiking in when we can!

Off to see if I can get my hoof in the boot! Have a lovely Saturday!