Lazy chicken soft tacos

And I mean lazy! I throw this together when I come from work in a coma (sort of) and I have more work to do that night! Last night I had laptops to configure, so this was perfect!


In a skillet, throw in a handful of those grilled chicken strips from Costco. I've used a chicken breast too and that works fine... takes a little longer. Add a half cup of water and half of this chicken taco seasoning.




Now add a dose of frozen corn. I think I used a little more than a cup.


Stir and cut that chicken up while it simmers a little. I just use the sharp edge of my wooden paddle.


Add a can of drained organic black beans. Stir.


I give it about a minute to simmer together and then call the troops. I personally like mine with an open end, a little cheese and a good dollop of fat free sour cream. The hubs puts peach/mango salsa and peppers on his. Don't go any further if the sight of a paper plate makes you woozy!


Yup, lazy enough for a paper plate! The neat thing about this concoction is that you can also use it for taco salad or nachos!