A very quick food porn post for your eyes only!


This is the California Burger. But I had them substitute the beef patty for their yummy turkey patty! Because that's so much healthier underneath all the swiss cheese and bacon! And fellow potato ho's.... those are the very tasty herbed french fries!

Surprise! This morning at 4:30, we left for Canada. We're taking the Washington State Ferry directly to Vancouver Island.

I won't be posting while we're gone... a) I likely won't have time and b) I'm morally outraged at the thought of paying $10 a day for high speed internet access because I know what it costs to provide it!

I don't know what we'll be doing today for sure. Likely enjoying the beautiful weather. It's supposed to be in the 80's on the island today! Tonight we're taking K3 to her favorite pub for dinner.

I hope to take some better pictures this trip, especially with the beautiful weather.

Hopefully I've had time to write a post for tomorrow as well! Be sure to check back!

Asthmagirl Out!

Update: I totally wrote a few posts that are "set to go off" while I'm gone! Enjoy!