Potato Salad

I have spent most of my life sucking at this. The magnitude of my suckiness is hard to relate in a simple post... suffice to say, my family begged me not to make potato salad. I've watched my step mom do it, my mother in law, my friends... nothing worked for me. Then one day in 2007 I tried it again. How hard can it be, right? It was awesome! My family loved it! Woo Hoo! I overcame my greatest culinary blind spot. That which has eluded me for years is now one of my strengths not too bad!

One of the issues for me is that there is something I don't like about traditional potato salad. I don't like crunching into an onion. I like the flavor of onion, but crunch must be avoided at all cost! So here's my version of a non crunchy potato salad. There are not very many pictures so I'll try to apply a lot of narrative.

Assume an equal egg to potato ratio.... 7 potatoes to 7 hard boiled eggs...which is what I did. Unless you want less of one thing than another....The potatoes are Yukon Golds...mmmm! But you don't need pics of that... right? I mean potato peels in the sink, eggs boiling...? Yeah, you're a pro!

So, eggs being hard boiled... check. potatoes peeled, cut lengthwise about the size of large fries and simmering until tender... check. Time to make "dressing". This consists of mayo, mustard, a little honey mustard, sweet relish, sweet pickle juice and diced sweet pickles. I don't measure, I just do it until it tastes right. Yes... this is the sweet part. I mix this in the bowl I'm going to make the salad in.


So, dressing made. Then I shave the sweet onions and celery on the mandolin. No pics of this but I do have a pic of TOG stirring this on the stove. I saute lightly in olive oil to remove the crunch factor and start the savory flavor.


As it's almost done, I throw in at least a teaspoon of garlic and about 10-15 minced tarragon leaves.


Drain that on paper towels. Then peel your eggs (which have been cooled thoroughly under cold running water) and dice them on top of the dressing.


Having removed your potatoes from the heat and drained them, dice them now (remember you only cut them lengthwise/fry size for simmering) and start putting them atop your eggs (they're still a little too warm to hit the dressing). Finish draining your onion, celery, tarragon, garlic stuff and toss that in there too... you know... as an afterthought!

[Visualize image of the above process had asthmagirl not been busy dicing and tossing and had TOG not gotten involved out at the grill]

Now, stir the whole mess together so it looks like this....


When I'm feeling really zesty, I top it with fresh minced dill. Use a light hand with that if you do. It's totally at odds with the sweet pickle thing you've got going on! Other times I top it with a swish of paprika. Sometimes I just take a bite to test it and then keep eating. with no topping whatsoever. Because I have no will power and my hips are already the size of a Buick it's practically perfect.

I'm sure there's other stuff you could do with it to get it to work for you. It's not a masterpiece... it's just a small victory in the effort to produce consistently great food!

PS~ Sometimes I dream of adding bacon to it. Is that wrong?