Creamed Tuna

A little back story before we begin....

I was married before I met and married TOG. The marriage itself didn't last long although the same could not be said for the long term impact. Lessons learned... I no longer think of him much, except when I make this. His mother, Alice taught me to make it for him and it's the only dish that's really carried over into this life. I loved Alice and I still miss her. She was a truly lovely lady.

Also, as I continue to document the family favorites category, it's beginning to appear that it comprises quite a bit of comfort food. Ah well, such is life. In this day and age, I do attempt to clean up the fat and calories, but some things are just so good in their original format.

Lastly, if you have Easter eggs yet to use, you can burn a few here! Right! Off we go!


I use store bought biscuits but I suppose you could make some if you were so inclined. A can of tuna in water drained. Note the cat haunting the kitchen. She loves tuna!


Eggs. Check. (any comments about the cleanliness of my kitchen will be answered abruptly with a reminder that I'm on my death bed.... when I'm not cooking)


Now for a roux....


I made this one pretty thick. K3 was running the camera, and we may have missed some cues on when to shoot. (put biscuits in oven)


Add milk. Don't worry about how much, you'll continue to add while it cooks. I used one percent to counteract the budda.


I don't whisk this or fuss over the lumps after adding milk, because stirring the tuna in smooths everything out. I'm an amazing cook that way! If it bothers you to see peas, look away now. Go to the turnover post and look at those pics. So pretty. That's right. No worries...


I like baby peas. Yes I do. Frozen ones work great! In fact, promise you won't ruin this by putting canned peas in it. Alice wouldn't like it.


Here's the best part. Eggs. Seriously. I used to slice up the whole egg in there like Alice taught me. But Tog has cholesterol and so we 86'd the yolks. There's alway a couple of rebel crumbs, but just using the whites is the goal.


Here we go... dishing up.... Note the pretty biscuits!


Oh baby. I didn't even retouch this shot.


Dinner is served! Oh look! Diet rootbeer. Mmmmmm!

Quick, easy, filling....if you're sick, this is the next best thing to chicken soup. Your welcome!