Asthmagirl makes pie

I'm Spartacus! No! I'm Spartacus! Oh Crap! I'm Asthmagirl cooking! With my fabulous new oven [see post on main blog]!

Normally cooking makes me quite happy. However, I've worked long hours today and I'm really tired. Even knowing that... what you are about to see may still shock, intrigue or appall you. I apologize in advance for using store bought crust. Roll Camera!

I'm making a savory chicken pie. Why? Because I quit planning when my oven broke and I wasn't sure I'd get this one in time, so I quit planning. Did I mention I quit planning? And my family loves chicken pie. And I had the ingredients on hand. (except for the pie crust which I picked up at lunch.

As we start this scenario, I've already done a lot of the prep work... Behold:


Fresh veggies are leeks, carrots, sweet onion and celery. Below, I've diced up two very attractive chicken breasts.


While the chicken cooks up in the little bit of olive oil, I'm going to start my white sauce by making a roux.... sort of. Start with about 5-6 tbsp of butter. Melt and and add sufficient flour for the thickness you want. I want thick, so I'll make a pretty stiff roux. Note: on back burner are my diced Yukon gold potatoes, simmering. I hate hard potatoes in a chicken pie, so I simmer these a little while I work on the rest. By the time I get the pie in the oven, the filling is completely cooked, so I'm just baking the crust. Gone are the days when I would leave the pie in too long because there was no way the potatoes were done!


Back to the roux: Then I add about a cup of milk and stir. Then add in at least a half cup of chicken broth. Continue to add milk as the white sauce thickens. If you've added a lot of flour, it will thicken quickly...


The chicken has been moved into the white sauce and the veggies are now simmering in the pan. They smell great! Below, you see the chicken, some of the potatoes (I'll finish adding potatoes at the end to get the appropriate "thickness" for the filling) and the now done veggies...


In the photo below, I've added frozen peas as well...


And now the herbs... I went with lots of thyme, some tarragon and sage....


Here's the first crust in the pie pan... and the mandolin with a carrot stain...


The filling... complete with budda on top! (I made too much filling)


My fancy schmancy top crust!


The lovely egg wash on the crust...


And the finished product after The Behemoth was done with it!


K2 telling her fella T how pretty it is and how she wishes he were here....


The close up~