Dinner impossible


Secret Weapon Ingredient List

Robert travels the world on culinary assignments, often carrying only a leather valise in which he keeps certain tools and crucial ingredients. Some of his essential items include:

  • Stone ground mustard
  • Rice wine vinegar
  • Robert's handmade demi-glace
  • A blender
  • A mandoline
  • Titanium knives

I love the show Dinner Impossible. I know, I know... he's a liar because he never cooked for the queen and now they're canceling it. But the premise itself is awesome! He gets about 5 hours to build a menu, shop and cook a meal for anywhere from 200 people on up. He usually gets his assistant and two recruits to help him. It's entertaining TV, that's all I'm saying. I admit to being fascinated by his secret weapon list... what if I were this guy...? What would be on my list....? You know you want to know! Let's find out!

Ta Da! Asthmagirl Impossible!

First of all... I'm no good without coffee... this is going with me! Hello beloved!


Next: Favorite knives!


Citrus Juicer! Come to mama! (technically it's for limes, but I've juiced big ol' lemons in it!)


My Micro-plane Zester! How do I love thee?


And this....


Which happens to be this! Having a Mandoline rocks. Having a fold up Mandoline is a pain in the butt, but I still use it almost daily....I love the thinnest setting! It only took off the smallest chunk of my nail!


If I could, I'd take these....


And these!


I'd probably have to take these too, but only because you never know what the asthma might do.


See how tidy I am? [snicker]

And this... my portable neb... always fun to take through airports, but when you need it! Woot!


Would you do Dinner Impossible? What would you take? Nosy asthmatics Inquiring minds want to know!