Salmon Patties

I love salmon patties. There is a brewpub in Canada that makes the best salmon patties I've ever had. They unfortunately do not ship!

Now for the disclaimers... I'm sure there's a number of different ways to make these, and like any good recipe you can change this up and what not. I'll be making some suggestions at the end. So... off we go!

Here's the cast of charactors:


I cannot begin to stress enough why you shouldn't use canned salmon. Just. Don't.

Start by beating two eggs with some garlic... go with what tastes good to you.


Then I cut up the rosemary pretty small. fresh is better but you can used dried.


Then I add a little bit of the Havana lime and garlic marinade. This is totally optional.


Then lime zest. Why? Because you can. (And because you have a new zester that you're in love with!)


Then cut that baby in half and use the new lime juicer that K3 got you for Christmas! You have the power!


Now, open the salmon, drain (there's not much fluid) and place in bowl. Break up with a fork and mix together. Note the absence of bones and skin. Congratulate yourself on not using canned salmon. Gosh you're smart!


Now add bread crumbs. Err on the moist side a little, too dry is too dry. Too moist won't stick together. You want it just sticking together!


Now, form into patties on wax paper. Not too thick. Then I cut the paper apart so I don't have to try to mess with the patties.


I can just pick up each pattie, turn it upside down in the pan and peel the paper off!


Hello pretty patties!


Serving tip... I put a little pool of this stuff on the plate. The salmon pattie soaks it up like a sponge. A reduction would be better but I never remember in advance. So no worries!


Yeah, sorry about the thumb.

Now, variables... you could add onions. I don't need 'em in this but whatever works for you. You could certainly add red pepper flakes although I wouldn't use a lot. You could use lemon instead of lime (not on my account). You could try different herbs. I think thyme or tarragon would be lovely. I've heard of folks using dill.

Anyway, there you go... basic salmon patties. Enjoy!