Tagged yet again

However, this time Noble Pig tagged my cooking blog. This is a first. I've been wondering if I've run out of interesting facts about myself, but perhaps I can discover 5 cooking facts if I apply myself.

1. My father taught me to cook. My mother discovered the delights of going back to college, so it was my dad that was frequently in the kitchen. The most important thing he ever taught me was getting all aspects of dinner ready at the same time. To this day, I swear I have some internal clock that calculates how that must be done. The only time it fails me even slightly is Thanksgiving when so much must be ready at the same time.

2. My grandmother was instrumental in introducing me to real food. For a while in Alaska, we had to fly to the store and we didn't go too often, so we had quite a bit of frozen and canned foods. My grandmother went out of her way to show us fresh stuff when we visited her in Oregon. I could not believe that corn came on ears. Or that there was milk that wasn't powdered. Or that people actually ate beef. Grammy was always shocking me!


3. I started writing a cookbook when I was in my 20's but I've never finished it.

4. I love kitchen gadgets. Love them! My current favorites are the microplane zester I just bought and the mandolin TOG got me for Christmas. Sa-Weet!

5. I love sourdough. It's one of the most interesting components to work with. The flavor and action constantly amaze me. Sourdough waffles are the bomb! Sourdough is quite forgiving too. I have a certain way of working with it but I've seen folks do some things I would never do and the sourdough carries on!

That's it for me. I think it's easier to do a food meme because it's a little more specific! A couple people that I think might be interested in a food meme are:

Fried Pork Chop and Evil Chef Mom

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Totally optional, but meme if you must! Anyone else that would like to is certainly welcome!