Cabbage and white bean soup with sausage

Okay... first off, I have no idea why this stuff tastes so darn good. But dang....

I found this in Bon Appetite magazine and decided to give it a whirl. I started with prep work:


  • Roughly 4 cups thinly sliced cabbage (Savoy!)
  • 3 leeks, using white and pale green only, slice lengthwise then thinly sliced and soaked in water to remove trapped dirt.
  • about 12 baby carrots, minced ruthlessly on the mandolin
  • 4 chicken apple sausages split lengthwise and then thinly sliced


A little olive oil and we're off. Saute sausage for about 3-4 minutes. Add cabbage.


Saute another two minutes and remove from pan.


Prepare rosemary and flat leaf parsley. I minced these while the cabbage cooked.


A little more olive oil and add the carrots and the clean leeks.


Apparently I grew tired of taking pictures because there's only a final shot. Between now and then, I did the following:

  • Add rosemary and parsley- stir
  • Added cabbage and sausage back in-stir
  • Added two tsp of tomato paste-stir
  • Added the first carton of organic chicken broth
  • Broke down and added two small handfuls of lentils
  • Added one 15 oz can of great northern beans- well drained.
  • Slowly added second carton of chicken broth.
  • Simmered for 30 minutes.

And here's the final result:


Words fail me on how good this soup is. There are always variables however, I would not add celery, but you could add couscous or some other small pasta. Baby green beans would be good. I did think the leeks eliminated any need for onions or garlic.

This soup rated about a 8.5 out of 10. We liked it A LOT!

Thanks for reading!